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  Environmental Design Consultants, Inc. offers a complete range of design services in order to meet your individual needs. Our services include the following: On site consultation, On site design planning, Master planning, Project management and Home owner installation programs. You are encouraged to review the following sections in detail to better judge your individual needs.
Please Note: There are no fees for phone/e-mail consultations for design clients.
Consultation and Site Design Concepts
Studio Design and Master Planning
Complete Project Management
Service Offerings and Options
Client InputForm

On Site Consultation
An on site consultation puts you in direct contact with the designer on your home site. You and the designer will walk your site discussing your specific landscape/garden questions. Notes and thumbnail sketches will be made by the designer to ensure that you understand the informative discussion. On site consultation are effective for small areas of a site, broad overview of design possibilities, and landscape maintenance information.

On Site Design Planning
This is a unique design service in which the designer, utilizing marking paint, pinning flags and stakes will physically lay out design concepts on your homesite. Specific design elements such as hardscape, lighting, waterfalls and ponds can be addressed. Material suggestions and lists may be developed in order to obtain cost estimates ( no hard copy drawings are provided).

Master Planning
Master planning is a design process utilizing multiple steps resulting in a detailed drafted layout for your total home environment. Six basic steps are utilized to formulate the design plan. (Note: The following master planning illustrations are simplified to make the design process clear).
Initial site consultation
Base plan, site analysis
Site design concepts
Client review
Studio design
Plan presentation

Initial Site Consultation
The design process begins with an initial on site meeting with the designer to determine your individual design needs, style, and project goals. The designer will use this meeting to assess the scope and complexity of the project.

Base Plan Site Analysis
In order to draw a personalized landscape plan, a layout of what exists is required. A base plan is a birds eye view of your property drawn to scale. It shows existing features such as house, property lines, driveways, walkways, decks, patio, pools, walls, fences, significant vegetation, utilities, etc. (Note: With new construction many of these features will not exist and will be part of the design).

The site analysis identifies factors that affect the layout of the landscape. It is an observation of the nature of your site's environment. Factors such as north/south orientation, solar input, surface grade/drainage, and positive/negative views. (Note: any existing plans of the house or site are beneficial. For example, plot plan, mortgage survey, house plan, etc.).

Site Design Concepts
With all the preliminary information in hand, the designer will develop extensive design concepts on site. These design concepts are purely creative design idea generators, allowing the designer to envision the reality of the site and all possible design solutions. Note: these drawings are rough sketches only.

Client Review
With the completion of the site design concepts, the designer will review these with you explaining the initial concepts so you can understand the design intent. You are encouraged to make alterations at this time to ensure a design that fulfills your unique personality and lifestyle needs.

Studio Design
The designer, with all the information gathered at this point, will create the final master plan within the studio environment. Utilizing all design resource tools available, the designer will concentrate on the most detailed creative design solutions for your home environment. The plans are then finalized, drafted and blue printed. (Note: some projects may require multiple sheets such as hardscape concept layout, planting layout, and lighting layout).

Plan Presentation
Upon completion of the master plan, the designer will meet with you on site to discuss the plans in detail. This meeting can be utilized to gain more information concerning the project as a whole. (Note: plan details, contractor/bid process, do it yourself information, etc.)

Project Consultation
This is an extended service available to the design client. It involves the designer directly with the installation process of the project. This may include initial site meetings with installation contractors, periodic site meetings, and a final site consultation of the project. The designer approaches this process as a team member with the client, working with others to ensure that the project's design integrity is protected.

Homeowner Installation Program
The homeowner self-installation program offers you the opportunity to obtain a professional landscape installation for your home at an economical cost. By utilizing our design services you can approach your project as your own landscape contractor. With your labor (sweat equity) and our expert direction, you can install a professional landscape as your time and budget allow. We offer on site consultation, acting as your personal landscape crew chief. This give you over two decades of landscape installation experience to guide you through your project installation. Also, as a part of this program, you will receive a homeowner installation program discount card entitling you to discounts from many local landscape material suppliers and contractors, resulting in additional savings.

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