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  The goal of landscape design is to furnish you with information that will help guide you in creating a Homescape that fulfills you lifestyle.  Following are a few questions that clients have asked throughout the years.  Each landscape situation is unique; let us help you answer your specific landscape questions.  
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I read that a landscape plan will save me money.  How does this work?

When building or remodeling a home, many people simply don’t consider  the surrounding site. Plants are improperly placed where they just won’t thrive or in a space that they will quickly outgrow. You lose your initial landscape investment as well as having to spend more money to start again. Potential improvements such as a terrace, deck, pool, or play area aren’t properly planned resulting in additional future costs. With a well thought out design, you can phase in your project as your budget allows while maximizing your investment dollars.

How do you determine the cost of a landscape design plan ? 

All projects are based on a set hourly fee which is evaluated with a initial consultation. As with any service or product, cost varies according to individual design needs and desires. Some clients only require a few hours to walk over their site to address specific areas, questions or a broad overview of creative design solutions. Projects can expand to full design development blueprints that is accomplished through a detailed design process. Design fees will be only a fraction of your landscape installation cost and will help insure that your investment dollars result in the Homescape you envision. More details of design fees and cost can be discussed by phone or email.

What do you mean by outdoor rooms and Homescape?

The outdoor room concept can be traced back to many ancient cultures. The basic concept is utilization of surrounding area of a dwelling as usable space. The American family is spending more time at home and are wanting their property to be usable in many different ways. By creative design, the outdoor environment can extend family life beyond the doors and walls of the residence. It may be a simple reading niche or multiple spaces for open air cooking, dining, recreation and entertainment.The blending of a homes interior with these outdoor rooms provides a full lifestyle experience I describe as Homescape.

Should I be concerned about energy consumption of my outdoor lighting?

Yes! Energy and the cost that is incurred by its use should be a concern for everyone. Energy efficient landscape lighting technology has and is evolving quickly. 12 volt systems use one- third the energy of a standard 120 volt system with LED and solar technology increasing this tremendously. The lamps and fixtures of a professional system reduce light spillage onto adjacent properties and reduce night glow with dark sky compliant fixtures. Proper switching allows lights to be turned on only as needed verses the dusk to dawn 120 volt systems resulting in more energy savings. As with any resource, outdoor lighting should be thought out fully to insure protection of our resources and personal income.

I really would love a water feature into my landscape. What is the best way to incorporate one?

There are endless ways to creatively use water in the landscape as a design element. A simple bird bath, formal fountain, whimsical water sculpture, naturalistic waterfall or even a well-designed swim feature are all options. Possibilities are limited only by your imagination.  People are drawn to water to splash, swim or frolic in it or simply sit back transfixed by light’s interplay on it. No matter how simple a water feature, it should be an essential component of every Homescape. Water is a precious resource, and our design philosophy is responsible conservation of this invaluable commodity.

What is the difference in a swimming pool and swim feature ?

A swim feature is a total outdoor living space with water being a dominant design element that is integrated into the complete composition. When thought out with creative vision your pool can be a aesthetically pleasing and functional component of the Homescape. The area surrounding the pool functions far beyond access to multiple uses such as cooking, entertainment and relaxation. A pool makes a large impact on your landscape budget and has a huge impact on your home site. A well designed swim feature maximizes this investment expanding your full experience of your pool in the overall outdoor environment of your Homescape.

I want a beautiful landscape for my home but no maintenance.  How can I get this?

There is no such thing as a maintenance-free landscape.  Just as your home, car or child all require attention, some more than others.  There are ways to reduce your upkeep with proper planning and design. Hardscaping results in more usable space and reduced maintenance. For example, terraces and decks can be swept off and require no water, pruning, or chemicals.  Planting are living breathing design elements and will always require some care, but it can be reduced. Knowing the growth habits and environmental requirements of plant material allows the designer to place them with the composition of the Homescape where they can thrive and grow into their natural forms with reduced labor on your part.